ACNE GEL ( dark spot remover)

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Before you start using acne Gel
If you are currently using other skin whitening products like topical creams and such. You must stop for at least 1 week prior to doing the peel session. As it may likely cause counter indication and side effects such as redness, soreness and darkening of the skin although these skin reactions can happen as well even if you haven't use any skin lightening products before. So proceed with caution and make sure to do a patch test first before doing a full whole body skin peeling.
Direction to Use for Body:

How to use 

CAUTION: You must set aside at least 3-7 days of feeling "UNCOMFORTABLE" esp. if you're doing whole body peeling or sensitive body parts. Please note that skin would be tight, itchy, sore and dry during treatment. If this seem unacceptable to you then do not continue with this regimen. However, this is where hydrocortisone and petroleum jelly comes in handy.

Take a shower or wash the parts that needs to be treated using any skin whitening soap.
Apply toner or alcohol on parts that you are treating
Apply the peeling oil with a cotton ball or cotton swab so as not to waste the oil or with your hands (go ahead, it's safe to do so just wash hand after application), using one stroke on same direction.
Apply the lotion 3x/day for 3 consecutive days.
Give it at least 30 minute interval every application, just to make sure that the lotion is absorbed through the skin. That's a total of 9 application. Peeling should start by the 3rd or 4th day or 5th day for some (depending on the climate and on the person's skin). Do not put or use any creams or lotion within 3 days of lotion application. Also, cold weather delays the peeling for a day or two and skin would tend to dry out and itch due to low moisture in the air. Steaming should help expedite peeling. Just be patient.
IMPORTANT: You can wet the skin BUT do not apply soap nor rub or scrub the area being treated, And make sure to re-apply the lotion every time you wet it. Please note that wetting may delay the peeling of the skin.

On the 4th day, you can take a shower with tepid water. You can use soap everywhere "except" on the area being treated, just let the water run through. Do not scrub, do not use loofah and do not rub skin when toweling, just tap it dry.
Peeling should start on the 3rd or 4th day "longer" for some, allow the skin to peel and slough off.  TIP: you can use a sanitized tweezers to initiate or assist the peeling. Be patient. Redness and soreness will occur after peeling, usually within 7 days. Apply hydrocortisone cream or Soothing Balm (any brand) to relieve itchiness or other discomfort or you can take antihistamine.

WARNING: DO NOT use any whitening soap, creams or alcohol based soap until all dead skin has come off and skin has healed, doing so would turn the skin sore.
Post peeling: Use hydrocortisone and or petroleum jelly after every shower, do not scrub and DO NOT use lotion or moisturizer until skin is completely healed.

VERY IMPORTANT: Avoid sun exposure and use of any skin products during treatment period. Use generous amount of sunblock as soon as all dead skin has come off. NOT Recommended to use during Summer season.
If serious skin irritation persist, discontinue use and apply petroleum jelly to the affected area
Avoid tight clothing. Advisable peeling sessions could be done 3-4 times a year for smoother, fairer, blemish free, celebrity like skin!
Peeling may continue for as long as 1-3 weeks depending on how big the area is being treated; as long as the shedding skin is dead and no inflammation or open sores develop, a dermatologist's consultation should not be necessary.
You can repeat this peeling process every 3 months.

CAUTION: DO not apply on private parts or anything moist areas such as navel, eye and nose area.

For the Face, Inner thigh, Under arms, and neck, apply peeling oil just once a day for 3 days. Make sure to wash the skin thoroughly and apply toner or alcohol prior to applying oil. Make sure the oil application is thicker as you are only applying it once a day for 3 consecutive days. You can start washing the skin using NO soap on the 4th day, no lotion or any kinds of moisturizer during treatment, only soothing balm, petroleum jelly or hydrocortisone cream at least or not until the skin has completely healed. If you have dark underarms with ugly chicken skin, this is for you. If skin hasn't peel after 4 days, it is safe to re-apply for 2 additional days.

WARNING:NOT recommended for pregnant, lactating or children unless advise or supervise by your Dermatologist.
NOTE: If you are Asian or African descent, know that you are prone to hyperpigmentation esp. on underarms and private parts treatment. Although it is not harmful, however it may take awhile to lighten hyperpigmented skin due to peeling. Make sure to opt for more natural skin lightening products such as soaps and creams.

TIP: Give or take It would require 2-3 bottles of Peeling Oil to do the whole body
When does the skin peeling start?
Peeling starts 3-5 days after the last application. Please note that if you are located where the weather is cold, there may be a delay of a day or two in peeling.

When can I apply hydrocortisone or Soothing Balm?
You can start applying it by the 2nd day, that is when the skin will start to tingle and itch. Do not apply on the first day of application.

What do I expect after peeling?
Expect smooth as a baby's bottom and couple of shades lighter skin. Also, you'll find peeled off dead skin on the floor, on your sheets, clothes, literally everywhere you get your skin on.

Is there a way to peel discreetly?
Yes, you can apply petroleum jelly as soon as the skin started to peel. Skin would peel on its own or assisted, but other people won't notice it.
How long does the peeling last?
Peeling last depending on how big the area is being treated, or you're letting the skin peel on its own or assisted. It depends.